The Short Story

I can’t help but to wonder why the short story has fallen out of favor with general readers.  Maybe it’s the lack of exposure?  Novels certainly gain much more attention, but even then how much attention does the novel really have anymore?  It seems that each year, someone is publishing a book that takes off and becomes a huge success and is turned to film (Whether the novel is any good is always a matter of discussion), but that’s simply ONE novel out of the thousands put to printed page in the same amount of time.

A lot of the disinterest is almost assuredly because of a narrowing in our attention span.  Things today have to be quick and to the point.  We need our coffee in three minutes or less, our internet browsers loaded immediately.  Our phones better be lightning fast or we toss them for a brand that can deliver.  But again, this brings us back to the short story, a speedy dive into some pool of imagination where characters live, die, win or fail within the context of ten to twenty pages.  When it all boils down, the short story is really what brought us here to begin with.  They are the tales passed through the years, the tales started a thousand ages ago to be in this time today.  So why do we suddenly neglect them?

New Mexico_Crocet


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