Life really is like an episode of “LOST.”

We’re basically stranded here, on occasion we crash.  We don’t always make the best decisions or we make decisions clearly not in another’s interest.

Some of us end up in wheelchairs, or win the lottery.  Sometimes our kidneys are stolen or we find polar bears randomly in the woods, and then we find an airplane in those same woods with lots of drugs, and if we’re already a junkie at that point then it’s like a jackpot.

You might come across a smoke monster that debates for a few seconds on whether or not it wants to eat you, and it probably does to spite some guy named Jacob.  And speaking of Jacob, you can’t talk to him even if you’re basically the most loyal pet and do everything he asks.  And why can’t you?  What about YOU?  Because…WHAT ABOUT YOU!?

If you’re lucky you’ll know a surgeon who can fix your spine and help you walk again, but he’ll have horrible bedside manner.  Or if you’re unlucky you’ll know a con man, but deep down he’s really a good dude who will split a coffee with you.

Come to think of it, life isn’t like LOST at all.


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